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Aircraft Structural Testing

Using Motion Control Technology to Minimize Fatigue Related Accidents and Extend Operational Life Fatigue testing is a critical requirement for military aircraft to determine the life span of safe, economical service and extend the fleet b... Full Article

Pumping Up Fuel Performance in Gas Turbines

In this article: Improvements made to fuel efficiency in hydraulic application through use of an intelligent radial piston pump Using an integrated assembly of manifold and variable displacement pump offers improved solution ... Full Article

High Output, High Reliability, Low Energy Consumption in a Plastics Press with Moog Motion Control Technology

Controlling motion in a press that is 3 stories high, exerts forces of 36,000 kN (8,000,000 lbf) and that completes a cycle in 19 seconds is a significant challenge for any metal forming company. To make it even more complex, this machine i... Full Article

Where Hazardous Duty Meets Digital Hydraulic Control

In this article: ATEX Digital Interface Valves offer flexible, high efficient motion control for use in hazardous environments Rugged valve construction and advanced functionality are ideal for applications such as downhole dr... Full Article

Moog Flo-Tork: Applying Rack and Pinion Actuators in the Steel Industry

Moog has grown rapidly both in size and breadth of technology options due to a smart and progressive acquisition strategy. We have found that not all of our customers are aware of these acquisitions and the new solutions that will make thei... Full Article

Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control System Upgrade for Steel Skin Pass Mill

Customers of galvanized steel sheet in New Zealand are enjoying products with improved surface finish, thanks to a Skin Pass Steel Mill Upgrade Project at New Zealand (NZ) Steel for which Moog provided a specialist control system and hydrau... Full Article

Moog’s Newest Solutions for the Steel Mills in China and India

While steel mills are sometimes considered to be “old-style” manufacturing, there are many examples where some of the latest motion control technologies are being used for new mills as well as retrofits. Steel mills represent an interesting... Full Article

Robust and Precise: The D672 Servovalve is Ideal for Heavy Industry Applications

The designs of Moog’s servovalves are based on a thorough knowledge of our customer’s motion control applications and their unique requirements, practical experience gained in the field and the use of innovative R&D technologies. All of th... Full Article

Steady Under Pressure: Undersea Exploration Benefits from Moog Innovation

In this article: Hydraulic system for controlling extremely heavy mechanical structures on floating vessels Using intelligent controllers and hydraulic actuation to produce movements that are highly accurate even in extrem... Full Article

Electro-Hydrostatic Actuation Proves Itself in Next-Generation Machines

In this article: Electro-Hydrostatic Actuation (EHA) moves from aerospace applications to industrial machines EHA offers key benefits including significant energy savings and high forces Dresden University tests confirm 30%... Full Article