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Advanced Simulation Tables Open New Roads to Faster, More Cost-Effective Automotive Design

Today, the pressure on automotive designers has never been more intense. Tighter operating budgets, shorter time to market and fewer resources in the test lab mean test and design professionals must think differently to meet their evolving challenges. What worked just five years ago, in fact, may already be obsolete and ineffective. So where do automotive engineers turn when the stakes are so high on completing their latest design projects? Full Article

Moog Driving Simulator Speeds Dallara's Race Car Development and Enhances Driver Training

In this article: State-of-the-art driving simulators enable race car manufacturers to reduce design and development time, saving on training time and costs The level of motion fidelity needed for the application is crucial and Moog works with customers to evaluate requirements and ensure the right technology is used Moog Industrial... Full Article

Accelerate your Product Development with a Moog Kinematics & Compliance Test System

In September 2008, Moog installed and commissioned a K&C Test System at a major OEM's site as the first of its kind. K&C stands for Kinematics and Compliance and the system is used for measuring the kinematics and compliance properties of a vehicle's suspension. The development of vehicle suspensions makes extensive use of CAD and CAE tools reducing the need of real-world prototypes. Later on in the development process the K&C Test System is used for design verification, which makes it an important addition to the chassis development process. Full Article

Car Roof Rack Maker Thule Twists and Turns with New Moog FCS Test Rig

If you've ever had to carry bicycles, skis or even a surfboard on the roof of your car, you likely know the Swedish roof rack maker Thule. For those who've hauled bikes or luggage on a road trip, a strong, reliable roof rack is indispensable equipment. And now Moog FCS... Full Article

Flight Simulation Technology is Revolutionising Automotive Testing

Multi-axis simulation of road surfaces for static and dynamic testing has traditionally relied on complex mechanical assemblies comprised of X-Y tables and bell crank linkages. Moog FCS, our business that focuses on simulation and testing systems, has a heritage of designing and building motion bases. These electric and hydraulic actuation... Full Article

Reducing Automotive Product Development Time with H2IL Simulation

One of the most challenging applications for advanced motion control is in the area of testing vehicles. Today, in automotive testing, virtually all-subjective driver feedback necessary for vehicle, module, or even component development is gathered on the test track. Test track work is both expensive and inefficient. To overcome these... Full Article