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Axis Control Valve Puts Sailor and Machine Designer on the Right Tack

In this article: Axis control technology gives one sailboat an edge in speed and stability ACV-based control system precisely adjusts keel position in a single movement Creative application of the technology improves safety, operation and racing ability Veloce, 11-meter, 2,500 kg Farr 11S Sailboat with Canting Keel controlled by a... Full Article

Steady Under Pressure: Undersea Exploration Benefits from Moog Innovation

One recent trend in the industry is the installion of increasingly complex and sophisticated equipment on the seabed, for oil and gas exploration and production. This requirement presents a unique challenge, as extremely heavy mechanical structures have to be lowered to the seabed by winches or cranes from floating vessels which are subject to wave motion. A key technique to achieve this is 'Heave Compensation' where the vertical movement of the vessel is electronically monitored and the crane/winch is automaticaly controlled to compensate for this. Effectively the crane cable is continuously paid out or reeled in to allow the load to "hover" above the seabed. The operator of the winch can then generate command signals to the winch drum which are superimposed on the automatic compensation function. This permits the operator to precisely control slow and accurate movements - relative to the seabed. Full Article

Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control System Upgrade for Steel Skin Pass Mill

Customers of galvanized steel sheet in New Zealand are enjoying products with improved surface finish, thanks to a Skin Pass Steel Mill Upgrade Project at New Zealand (NZ) Steel for which Moog provided a specialist control system and hydraulic engineering expertise. Full Article

Shaken and Stirred — Moog Helps Sink a Building for James Bond

Box office figures have confirmed that the most recent James Bond film 'Casino Royale' has been one of the most successful in this ever-popular franchise. Although the film steers clear of some of the more traditional gadgets that 'Q' can muster up; it still has a breathtaking array of special... Full Article

Moog’s Newest Solutions for the Steel Mills in China and India

While steel mills are sometimes considered to be “old-style” manufacturing, there are many examples where some of the latest motion control technologies are being used for new mills as well as retrofits. Steel mills represent an interesting challenge as advanced technologies must be used in demanding environments. These environments include... Full Article

4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller for Blow Molding Machines

Moog recently introduced its latest solution for blow molding called the 4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller with an advanced software platform. The new controller allows blow molding machine manufacturers to control multiple heads and more points with less material consumption and reduced scrap. It is flexible enough to... Full Article

Electro-Hydraulic Axes Control Solution for a Car Wheel Bearing Test Stand

The development and production of wheel bearings requires comprehensive tests to achieve and maintain high quality standards. Bearings have to be tested for longevity of lifetime as well as suitability for different load conditions. Testing of wheel bearings in a vehicle is time consuming and expensive. To automate testing of... Full Article

DIN Modules Customization with Analog Electronics

The purpose of the DIN module electronics range of products is to provide standard building blocks for creating customized control systems for open and closed-loop control. This approach gives us a set of products that are built in quantity with full customer support documentation for installing, commissioning, and maintaining the... Full Article

M3000 Systems

The M3000 System is Moog's high performance digital motion control system for hydraulic and electric drive products. The M3000 is built to enable users to easily implement fast and accurate control structures. A powerful control system enables complex multi-axis functions with axis cycle times of one millisecond or even faster... Full Article