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Advanced Simulation Tables Open New Roads to Faster, More Cost-Effective Automotive Design

Today, the pressure on automotive designers has never been more intense. Tighter operating budgets, shorter time to market and fewer resources in the test lab mean test and design professionals must think differently to meet their evolving challenges. What worked just five years ago, in fact, may already be obsolete and ineffective. So where do automotive engineers turn when the stakes are so high on completing their latest design projects? Full Article

Finding the right solution: Using market requirements as key drivers for technology decisions

In this article: Moog customers are increasingly exploring electric and hybrid motion control technologies Moog’s Prototyping and Production Center in Germany yields innovative, modular designs Three keys to selecting the right partner: market knowledge, application expertise and a robust product portfolio In many cases, electric technology represents the superior solution... Full Article

The Next Wave In Subsea Motion Control For Oil And Gas Exploration

In recent years there has been a strong trend towards undertaking the initial stages of processing of oil and gas products on the sea-bed, rather than after transfer to the surface. Driving this revolution is a complex mix of environmental and commercial considerations. Full Article

High Security Vehicle Barriers Take On New Threats With Help From Moog Electric Actuation

High security vehicle barriers are an application Moog has worked on for several years that presents some motion control challenges commonly faced by many industrial companies... Full Article

Making the Switch: Employing Electric Actuation For Higher Turbine Productivity

Today’s gas and steam turbine manufacturers continually seek any performance edge they can find. So when one German manufacturer needed a better way to maximize productivity and minimize costly downtime, Moog engineers knew they could help. Tapping into its extensive experience in electric actuation, the Moog team designed and introduced a unique integrated package that was tailored to the customer’s specialized technical requirements — and offered an array of technological advantages as well. Full Article

Wimbledon Centre Court's new retractable roof relies upon Moog high-performance technology

Moog recently completed a challenging and high profile project that required great expertise in electric actuation as well as the highest level of project management to design. The project involved creating a control architecture for the actuated elements of a moving roof on the Centre Court at Wimbledon - unarguably one of the most famous tennis events in the world. In 2007 it was viewed in 748.4 million TV homes. This motion control challenge required that Moog’s world-class products work securely, quietly, speedily, safely and accurately and that the project was on-time for the 2009 Championships where it would be under the scrutiny of the entire viewing world. Full Article

5 Ways Moog Can Help You Make an Easier Switch to Electric Actuation

Moog technicians and engineers are often asked by customers for help in transitioning an application from hydraulic to electric. With a large team of application engineers with great expertise in both hydraulic and electric technologies, the first step usually involves working with the customer to analyze which technology is best for the application. Looking at the forces involved, power requirements, and operating environment as well as each customer's expectations such as lifespan, lifecycle costs and maintenance programs, the answer is always unique to each machine, application and company. Full Article

A Deeper Level of High Performance: Motion Control Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Imagine the North Sea waves thrashing up against your oil rig with the high winds trying to throw you off balance. Think about feeling virtually baked under the hot sun as you work on your rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Couple this with current never-ending thirst for energy and understand that you have a harsh and dangerous job to do. Full Article

A New Electro-Mechanical Approach to Failsafe Actuators in Gas Turbines

Moog has been involved in providing motion control for the Power Generation Industry for over a decade and has been a trusted partner of the leading builders of gas and steam turbines. Over our history Moog has provided over 10,000 servovalves to over 1,000 plants worldwide. Today we design complete... Full Article

Selection of Ball Screw versus Roller Screw Technologies

Moog is uniquely able to provide proven solutions in a variety of technologies due to our extensive experience applying hydraulic and electric motion control. Our “technology neutral” perspective means that we recommend the best technical solution for a customer as we have proven expertise in all technologies and will not... Full Article