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Keeping the Lights On

In this article: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants seek "as-new" performance of actuators and servo valves when making updates and repairs Motion control plays a key role in ensuring consistent power output and efficient operations The right repair services are critical in ensuring uptime of turbines during parts replacement Many... Full Article

Pumping Up Fuel Performance in Gas Turbines

With today’s escalating energy costs, the manufacturers of Dual Fuel Gas Turbines are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, and meet ever more stringent emissions requirements. Key to these needs is the Liquid Fuel Metering function, which directly controls the supply of liquid fuel to the turbine burners (e.g. comparable to diesel). Moog has been working on fuel metering technology to improve performance for over 20 years. Before we examine Moog’s latest development, let’s take a look at how this latest solution has evolved. Full Article