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Where Hazardous Duty Meets Digital Hydraulic Control

In this article: ATEX Digital Interface Valves offer flexible, high efficient motion control for use in hazardous environments Rugged valve construction and advanced functionality are ideal for applications such as downhole drilling with vibration and heavy use Moog helps customers find benefits for their applications using digital valve technology New... Full Article

The Next Wave In Subsea Motion Control For Oil And Gas Exploration

In recent years there has been a strong trend towards undertaking the initial stages of processing of oil and gas products on the sea-bed, rather than after transfer to the surface. Driving this revolution is a complex mix of environmental and commercial considerations. Full Article

Moog 6 DOF Test System Keeps Hazardous Cargo Safe During Ocean Voyages

Natural gas is viewed as the cleanest fuel when compared to other fossil fuels due to the reason that it contains very little sulfur content. Today natural gas constitutes 25% of the total fuel consumed over the world and the percentage is increasing every day. When you turn on a gas stove, you can recognize that you are burning natural gas from its pure blue flare. However you might not know that the natural gas you are using could be transported with a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier from the other side of the world. Full Article

Guidelines for Hazardous Environment Product Selection

How do you know if an environment requires special electrical or hydraulic safety equipment? When it is required, how do you select the right type? There are no easy answers to these questions, but here are some guidelines to help. There are different directives for hazardous environments depending the part(s)... Full Article

Explosion-Proof Electric Motion Control Products

Moog's range of products for hazardous environments includes Servomotors and Electro-Mechanical Actuators. Many of these explosion-proof products are ATEX and TIIS certified and so that they can be customized for your particular requirements. Explosion-Proof Servomotors: (G493 and G495) Moog has special explosion proof rated brushless Servomotors in size 3 and... Full Article

From Oil Rigs to Sawdust

Environmentally Safe Products at Work For most machine builders, their greatest technical challenge is achieving ever-higher performance (e.g., faster, less scrap, better quality). A segment of Moog's customers face an even greater challenge, how to achieve performance objectives in extreme environments. This article profiles two examples of machinery controlled by... Full Article