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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Boosts Performance of New Injection Molding Machine with Help from Moog Proportional Valves

In this article: Moog Proportional Valves deliver shorter cycle times, increased repeatability and improved part quality on a new generation injection molding machine Fast switching between injection and hold pressure phase is the key to this application Use of simulation software helped optimize final valve characteristics (including sizing and adaptation... Full Article

Finding the right solution: Using market requirements as key drivers for technology decisions

In this article: Moog customers are increasingly exploring electric and hybrid motion control technologies Moog’s Prototyping and Production Center in Germany yields innovative, modular designs Three keys to selecting the right partner: market knowledge, application expertise and a robust product portfolio In many cases, electric technology represents the superior solution... Full Article

Accelerate Fast With The New Fastact J Servomotors

Moog is pleased to announce the introduction of a new series of servomotors called Fastact J Series Servomotors. These are electronically commutated synchronous AC motors with permanent magnets that are for highly dynamic servo applications where positioning times of 15 msec or less are the norm. This complete family of servomotors has very high angular accelerations which differentiates it from the competition. Full Article

High Output, High Reliability, Low Energy Consumption in a Plastics Press with Moog Motion Control Technology

Controlling motion in a press that is 3 stories high, exerts forces of 36,000 kN (8,000,000 lbf) and that completes a cycle in 19 seconds is a significant challenge for any metal forming company. To make it even more complex, this machine is used for producing some of the latest... Full Article

Adapting Servodrive Performance for Blow Moulding Applications

Some of the unique requirements of applying servodrives for Parison and Blow Pin applications in blow moulding machines include the need for protection against incorrect commands or wiring failures, easy set tuning and troubleshooting for users, and an interface for analogue feedback to help retrofit old machines. Moog was able... Full Article

Custom Electric Replacement for Hydraulic Screwmotors in Injection Molding Machines

One trend in the plastics industry is the use of electric servomotors on the plasticizing axis on injection molding machines that are otherwise hydraulic. This offers significant energy savings due to the higher efficiencies of electric devices compared to hydraulically operated solutions. Some additional benefits of the electric replacement of... Full Article

High Power, High Speed, All Electric Injection Molding System from Moog Offers New Options for Machine Builders

Today’s injection molding machine manufacturers are experiencing rising resin costs driven by high petroleum prices, increasing demand for thin walled parts from the electronics and automotive markets and growing environmental regulations mandating clean and quiet factory floors. These market drivers combined with increasing competition are requiring Injection Molding Machine OEMs... Full Article

The New Generation Radial Piston Pump Offers Many Advantages to Injection Molding Applications

Moog has recently introduced a new generation of the proven Radial Piston Pump called RKP-II that has a significant reduction in noise and a longer lifespan. This new version has important design changes and improvements such as completely reengineered housing with an increased number of pistons and a sliding stroke... Full Article

Moog Acquires ProControl to Expand Electric Solution Offerings

I am pleased to announce that we have recently acquired ProControl AG, the Switzerland based expert on Motion Control Solutions for the plastics industry. This acquisition expands on Moog’s capabilities to provide electric system solutions for the machinery industry. Let me share with you some background on this company that... Full Article

Unique Hybrid Solution

For Injection Molding Moog is participating in a landmark project with Ube Machinery Corporation to develop an injection molding machine, which incorporates Moog's new PowerShot Injection System technology. The PowerShot Injection System is a sealed, closed-loop actuator that combines electrical and hydraulic technology in an energy efficient assembly, which requires... Full Article