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New Quadruped Robot Takes Big Strides Toward Saving Lives

After more than eight years of work, researchers at the Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT) are bringing to life advanced robotics with the help of hydraulic actuation. The “HyQ” or “Hydraulically actuated Quadruped” was created to assist humans in response to emergencies and search and rescue operations in dangerous areas. Full Article

Hydraulic motion control puts Formula 1 performance on a whole new track

Fans attending the US Grand Prix in Austin on November 2nd, 2014, witnessed a completely new breed of Formula 1 car. Their first impression might have been the unfamiliar sound of quieter lower-revving cars, which has caused much controversy amongst ‘die-hard’ F1 fans. While appearing superficially similar, this year’s F1 cars are dramatically different under the skin. This is due to evolving technical regulations that encourage F1 designers to focus on new technologies that are more relevant to road cars—including techniques to improve fuel efficiency. Full Article

Moog Driving Simulator Speeds Dallara's Race Car Development and Enhances Driver Training

In this article: State-of-the-art driving simulators enable race car manufacturers to reduce design and development time, saving on training time and costs The level of motion fidelity needed for the application is crucial and Moog works with customers to evaluate requirements and ensure the right technology is used Moog Industrial... Full Article

Moog’s Miniature Motorsport Family of Hydraulic Valves

The story of Moog’s product development for Motorsport involves a long-term intimate knowledge of the application, close collaboration with the customer, and advanced expertise in product development. One of the key features of motorsport engineering is designing for the absolute minimum of weight, which creates demands for Moog’s design engineers... Full Article

Moog & Motorsport: A Perfect Match

For over 20 years, Moog has been applying its most advanced motion control components and systems, to assist in the advance of motorsport technology. The first involvement in the early 1980’s was in the field of active suspension, working with Team Lotus on the fully active suspension of the Lotus... Full Article