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Where Hazardous Duty Meets Digital Hydraulic Control

In this article: ATEX Digital Interface Valves offer flexible, high efficient motion control for use in hazardous environments Rugged valve construction and advanced functionality are ideal for applications such as downhole drilling with vibration and heavy use Moog helps customers find benefits for their applications using digital valve technology New... Full Article

The Next Wave In Subsea Motion Control For Oil And Gas Exploration

In recent years there has been a strong trend towards undertaking the initial stages of processing of oil and gas products on the sea-bed, rather than after transfer to the surface. Driving this revolution is a complex mix of environmental and commercial considerations. Full Article

Steady Under Pressure: Undersea Exploration Benefits from Moog Innovation

One recent trend in the industry is the installion of increasingly complex and sophisticated equipment on the seabed, for oil and gas exploration and production. This requirement presents a unique challenge, as extremely heavy mechanical structures have to be lowered to the seabed by winches or cranes from floating vessels which are subject to wave motion. A key technique to achieve this is 'Heave Compensation' where the vertical movement of the vessel is electronically monitored and the crane/winch is automaticaly controlled to compensate for this. Effectively the crane cable is continuously paid out or reeled in to allow the load to "hover" above the seabed. The operator of the winch can then generate command signals to the winch drum which are superimposed on the automatic compensation function. This permits the operator to precisely control slow and accurate movements - relative to the seabed. Full Article

A Deeper Level of High Performance: Motion Control Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Imagine the North Sea waves thrashing up against your oil rig with the high winds trying to throw you off balance. Think about feeling virtually baked under the hot sun as you work on your rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Couple this with current never-ending thirst for energy and understand that you have a harsh and dangerous job to do. Full Article