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How Wind Farms Harvest Energy Savings

In this article: Pitch system failure accounts for 23% of all wind turbine downtime Advances in pitch system design can greatly improve LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) Fewer components, consolidated electronics and less required maintenance are the hallmarks of Moog’s next-generation pitch control system Moog's new Pitch Control System improves... Full Article

Finding Perfect Pitch Through Innovation and Collaboration

In this article: More demanding offshore operations and the need for longer turbine life drives the importance of high performance pitch control Innovations in AC architecture, software and closed loop speed control continue to boost productivity and ensure safety Experience and customer focus are the keys to choosing a pitch... Full Article

Moog Offers Advanced Blade Pitch Control Technology For Wind Turbines

Pitching (adjusting the blade pitch angle for wind turbines) presents unique challenges for motion control performance. These solutions need to maximize energy production as well as accommodate different technologies (e.g. hydraulic and electric), withstand extreme conditions (e.g. temperature, vibration), and perform reliably in continuous operation over a lifetime of ~20 years and more. Full Article