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Keeping the Lights On

In this article: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants seek "as-new" performance of actuators and servo valves when making updates and repairs Motion control plays a key role in ensuring consistent power output and efficient operations The right repair services are critical in ensuring uptime of turbines during parts replacement Many... Full Article

Finding the right solution: Using market requirements as key drivers for technology decisions

In this article: Moog customers are increasingly exploring electric and hybrid motion control technologies Moog’s Prototyping and Production Center in Germany yields innovative, modular designs Three keys to selecting the right partner: market knowledge, application expertise and a robust product portfolio In many cases, electric technology represents the superior solution... Full Article

Pumping Up Fuel Performance in Gas Turbines

With today’s escalating energy costs, the manufacturers of Dual Fuel Gas Turbines are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, and meet ever more stringent emissions requirements. Key to these needs is the Liquid Fuel Metering function, which directly controls the supply of liquid fuel to the turbine burners (e.g. comparable to diesel). Moog has been working on fuel metering technology to improve performance for over 20 years. Before we examine Moog’s latest development, let’s take a look at how this latest solution has evolved. Full Article

Unlocking the Keys to Longer Life for Gas Power Generation Turbines

Moog has been a major player in motion control for the Power Generation market for over 20 years and has been responsible for many "firsts" in the industry. The spring of 2004 resulted in all the major OEM's downshifting production and the prospects in this industry looked bleak, but we remained committed to our customers. Even in a downturn, innovative companies know there are opportunities to look at new ways to solve even the most difficult problems. This article discusses an innovative redesign of a specialized hydraulic actuator that responded to the needs of OEMs and end users to increase turbine uptime and reliability. The design innovations incorporated in the new actuator included a rod surface hardness to reduce abrasion, high performance proprietary surface coatings to extend seal life, advanced seal technology to eliminate floating seal binding and leakage, and a stainless steel rod to prevent corrosion. The result is a robust hydraulic actuator that can effectively prolong the life of the turbine and prevent downtime. Moog coupled this high performance hardware with an active support program to help plants easily replace actuators currently in service. Full Article

Making the Switch: Employing Electric Actuation For Higher Turbine Productivity

Today’s gas and steam turbine manufacturers continually seek any performance edge they can find. So when one German manufacturer needed a better way to maximize productivity and minimize costly downtime, Moog engineers knew they could help. Tapping into its extensive experience in electric actuation, the Moog team designed and introduced a unique integrated package that was tailored to the customer’s specialized technical requirements — and offered an array of technological advantages as well. Full Article

New Generation of Electro-Hydraulic Steam Valve Actuation System for Turbines

Electrical power stations use large steam turbines, up to 2,000,000 hp (1,500 MW),driving electric generators to produce the electricity. Steam is generated by boiling water using heat from burning fossil fuels, Geothermal heat or Nuclear energy. The turbines used for electric power generation are normally directly coupled to their generators.... Full Article

A New Electro-Mechanical Approach to Failsafe Actuators in Gas Turbines

Moog has been involved in providing motion control for the Power Generation Industry for over a decade and has been a trusted partner of the leading builders of gas and steam turbines. Over our history Moog has provided over 10,000 servovalves to over 1,000 plants worldwide. Today we design complete... Full Article