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Electro-Hydrostatic Actuation Proves Itself in Next-Generation Machines

Electro-hydrostatic actuators (EHA), widely used in the aerospace industry, are opening new possibilities for machine builders because they combine the best of electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic technologies. Moog developed an EHA (see Figure 1) that is ideal for many industrial applications and competitive with traditional hydraulic solutions, lowering energy and investment costs. This technology is now proven in some very demanding industrial applications and is generating increased attention from design engineers and machine builders around the world. Full Article

Pumping Up Fuel Performance in Gas Turbines

With today’s escalating energy costs, the manufacturers of Dual Fuel Gas Turbines are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, and meet ever more stringent emissions requirements. Key to these needs is the Liquid Fuel Metering function, which directly controls the supply of liquid fuel to the turbine burners (e.g. comparable to diesel). Moog has been working on fuel metering technology to improve performance for over 20 years. Before we examine Moog’s latest development, let’s take a look at how this latest solution has evolved. Full Article

More Control, Less Cost: Inside the Moog Speed Controlled Pump System

Working with a variety of customers in many demanding industries gives Moog's engineers a unique opportunity to learn about issues that are concerning today's machine builders. The two we hear most often is the need for energy efficiency and how to lower total cost of ownership. These were the key drivers behind the latest innovative development Moog has recently launched into the marketplace - the Speed Controlled Pump System (Moog SCP System). This article discusses our experience with testing this system on a customer's hydraulic machine and the impressive energy savings experienced in the application. This test represented a good example of an application for hydraulic control where the need for energy efficiency is growing globally and the cost pressures are high. Full Article

New Welding Process for Jet Engines of the Future

When a world-leading developer of advanced manufacturing processes decides to develop friction welding to a point where it can be viable for securing the blades on jet engines, it stands to reason that any partners it chooses will have a similarly robust pedigree. Aiming at producing a machine that would be the biggest in the world and change your business out of all recognition, you know from the outset that the people with whom you find yourself in harness are going to need matched abilities and complementary skills. Joining forces with such a partner will give you confidence that the result of the project will be more than the sum of its parts. Full Article

Radial Piston Pump for Use with HYJET® and SKYDROL®

The Moog Radial Piston Pump (RKP pump) has been widely accepted for decades throughout the world in various marketplaces. Due to its design principle, users of the radial piston pump have benefited from advantages such as long life and lower noise. Full Article

Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control System Upgrade for Steel Skin Pass Mill

Customers of galvanized steel sheet in New Zealand are enjoying products with improved surface finish, thanks to a Skin Pass Steel Mill Upgrade Project at New Zealand (NZ) Steel for which Moog provided a specialist control system and hydraulic engineering expertise. Full Article

Moog Uses Anechoic Chamber to Design the Next Generation RKP Pump

An important European Union Directive concerning noise is encouraging machine builders to reduce the sound level of their products and systems in order to protect the health of operators. In the development of our new Second Generation Radial Piston Pump, our designers worked closely with customers to find ways to... Full Article

The New Generation Radial Piston Pump Offers Many Advantages to Injection Molding Applications

Moog has recently introduced a new generation of the proven Radial Piston Pump called RKP-II that has a significant reduction in noise and a longer lifespan. This new version has important design changes and improvements such as completely reengineered housing with an increased number of pistons and a sliding stroke... Full Article

Fundamentals of Industrial Noise Control in Systems with RKP Pumps

Why would users experience noise from the Radial Piston Pump (RKP)? The RKP pump has a reputation of being one of the quietest pumps in the marketplace, but occasionally users may experience a noise problem that is often due to installation issues. There are two factors to be considered when... Full Article

RKP Pumps

An important addition to Moog’s hydraulic products line is the well known RKP Pump. The complete product line was acquired by Moog Inc. February, 2001 and production was recently transferred to a new facility in Nuremburg, Germany. The product was originally developed by Bosch and has served the industrial market... Full Article