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5 Ways Moog Can Help You Make an Easier Switch to Electric Actuation

Moog technicians and engineers are often asked by customers for help in transitioning an application from hydraulic to electric. With a large team of application engineers with great expertise in both hydraulic and electric technologies, the first step usually involves working with the customer to analyze which technology is best for the application. Looking at the forces involved, power requirements, and operating environment as well as each customer's expectations such as lifespan, lifecycle costs and maintenance programs, the answer is always unique to each machine, application and company. Full Article

New Welding Process for Jet Engines of the Future

When a world-leading developer of advanced manufacturing processes decides to develop friction welding to a point where it can be viable for securing the blades on jet engines, it stands to reason that any partners it chooses will have a similarly robust pedigree. Aiming at producing a machine that would be the biggest in the world and change your business out of all recognition, you know from the outset that the people with whom you find yourself in harness are going to need matched abilities and complementary skills. Joining forces with such a partner will give you confidence that the result of the project will be more than the sum of its parts. Full Article

MSD Servodrive Provides Highest Levels of Dynamic Response

Moog introduced its Modular Multi-Axis Programmable Motion Control Servodrive (MSD) System at the SPS/IPC/Drives Exhibition (November 27 -29 2007) in Nuremberg, Germany. This new family of MSD Servodrives enables us to address unique application requirements of our customers with performance-based, tailored motion control solutions. The MSD system consists of the... Full Article

Adapting Servodrive Performance for Blow Moulding Applications

Some of the unique requirements of applying servodrives for Parison and Blow Pin applications in blow moulding machines include the need for protection against incorrect commands or wiring failures, easy set tuning and troubleshooting for users, and an interface for analogue feedback to help retrofit old machines. Moog was able... Full Article

Considerations When Selecting Drive Technology

Technical performance is clearly critical when specifying technology for an application. It is also important to understand the impact of other criteria that must be taken into account when selecting the best drive technology. The information in the table below is based on practical maintenance experience and will give you... Full Article

DS2100 Servodrives

The DS2100 is Moog’s new fully digital servodrive that was developed as an extension of Moog’s successful DS2000 range of digital servo controllers. Like the DS2000, the DS2100 provides full digital control of brushless servo motors and delivers a technologically advanced system with excellent cost, performance, reliability, and flexibility. The... Full Article