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Advanced Simulation Tables Open New Roads to Faster, More Cost-Effective Automotive Design

Today, the pressure on automotive designers has never been more intense. Tighter operating budgets, shorter time to market and fewer resources in the test lab mean test and design professionals must think differently to meet their evolving challenges. What worked just five years ago, in fact, may already be obsolete and ineffective. So where do automotive engineers turn when the stakes are so high on completing their latest design projects? Full Article

Advanced Test Controllers Reduce Risk in Composite Material Testing

Material testing is a sophisticated motion control application. The high forces involved and the need to protect the test specimens are just two of the common concerns of virtually all test and structural engineers. And when it comes to testing composite materials, the risks become even greater.

At the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, engineers are focused on an application called bi-axial material testing using the Moog Portable Test Controller to create sophisticated control loops that reproduce stresses and strains in the test specimen. The tests are complicated and time-consuming, as the specimen has to be held in the absolute centre of the machine, so that the specimen loading is perfectly symmetrical to maintain the correct stress/strain distribution. Thus the choice of test controller is critical particularly when the equipment is used in a retrofit. Full Article

The Need for Speed in Helicopter Testing

Aerospace testing, whether military or commercial, is designed to validate the design and structural integrity of aircraft and it requires the highest accuracy and repeatability of test loads. When you consider the high value of the prototypes and the time sensitivity of new projects conducted by aircraft manufacturers, protecting the test specimen is absolutely paramount. Thus aerospace testing requires Moog to develop some of the most advanced testing and simulation solutions that push the absolute limits of technology allowing manufacturers to conduct rigorous and stringent test programs to ensure they meet a wide range of mission-specific performance, regulatory and commercial requirements. Full Article